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Border Collie Fact: They are excellent for hazing geese because of their wolf-like appearance

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Canada Goose Control > Border Collie Hazing Program

Do you have Goose problems on your property?

Border collies are one of the most effective ways to get rid of Geese.

We offer complete goose control programs working with dogs and Trained Handlers to remove and keep geese off your property. Our Border Collies are trained to chase geese but do not harm them as they effectively disperse the geese from your property. This is one of the most humane and effective means of harassment or hazing.

What can you expect from our service?

We know each property and the goose problems it faces are unique. We do a full evaluation and develop a plan that specifically addresses your conflicts. Initial implementation of goose management programs require daily intense periods of hazing. In the beginning, the geese may just fly away and return as soon as they think the area is safe. This is why it is necessary to continue daily, randomly scheduled hazing until the geese learn that the area is not safe. This process may take several weeks. Then less frequent but regular patrols will be needed as results are achieved. When handled properly, Canada Geese will not become accustomed to the threat of being chased by Border Collies.

Wild Goose Chase provides humane, cost effective services
for businesses, organizations and individuals experiencing problems with geese.

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and demonstration of our working dogs.

Why we use working Border Collies
to get rid of Geese?

Working with Border Collies is the key component in our strategy to keep unwanted geese off your property. It is critical that these dogs are obedient with no tendencies to physically touch or harm the geese since this would violate the Federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918. Border Collies are a great fit because they have been bred for three hundred years to manage or herd livestock.

They are athletic, obedient and easy to train. In this work, the dog must be sensitive to the geese but also to direction from their handler. Because of their high intelligence and eagerness to please, these dogs can understand and respond to numerous whistles and commands.

Working Border Collie in pond

Working Border Collie in pond

Border collies are excellent for hazing geese because of their wolf-like appearance. Geese see them as predators and will flee, especially as the dogs stalk and chase them. It is important that the dog and Handler team haze the geese until they have completely left your property and not just moved from the grassy areas to any ponds or water on your property. That is why we employ the use of kayaks, motorized boats and dogs to continue the pursuit of geese into bodies of water.

Managing geese requires these working dogs to do their jobs at a distance from their Handlers. Our dogs have tested and proven obedience track records. They are successfully dispersing geese and keeping them from returning to our client's properties.

What is hazing or harassment?

Harassing or hazing simply means scaring geese away from your property. This is one way to teach them that the area is not a safe place to nest or feed. Harassment works best before the geese become attached to the area. It is legal to harass geese without a state or federal permit provided they are not handled or touched by a person or dog. There are different methods of harassment that include the use of:

  • Trained goose control dogs
  • Sound devices or noise makers
  • Lasers
  • Strobe lighting
  • Coyote, wolf or dog decoys
  • Remote control boats
  • Manned kayaks

The most effective results from harassment methods come from actively and regularly using a combination of the techniques each time the geese appear on your property. It is critical when caring out these methods that all the geese have left the property. With techniques like sound devices, lasers and decoys, you will need to move them around or the geese will realize there is no real physical threat. geese must continue to feel threatened or they will return to the property, which is why repeated and consistent use of harassment techniques is necessary.

Other methods we use in combination with working Border Collies to get rid of unwanted Canada Geese:

Habitat Modification - a Goose Deterrent
Flight Control - a Goose Repellent
Canada Goose Egg Depredation
Signage - Prevention through Educating about Goose Problems

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