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Facts: WGC helps customers better manage the negative impact of Canada Geese, seagulls and other nuisance birds.

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Bird proof your property.

Our bird pest control products and services protect property and human health.

The scope of nuisance bird problems is as diverse as the types of businesses that have to deal with them. These include anything from a single nest obstructing an entryway to an infestation of thousands birds roosting on building ledges. Getting rid of these birds is essential because they cause BIG problems impacting the health and well-being of people who work there as well as jeopardizing the integrity of building structures. At Wild Goose Chase, we have the experience and staff to help you resolve/fix these problems.

Since 1998, we have successfully helped our customers manage the negative impact of wild Canada Geese, seagulls and other nuisance birds upon their properties. The Wild Goose Chase team, through years of experience and research, has formulated an approach that is both highly successful and conscientious. In fact, we are one of the first companies to develop a truly “integrated approach” which has proven most effective and humane in managing bird populations according to the Wildlife Society.

Wild Goose Chase offers effective control methods to protect your employees and property
from harm and damage caused by unwanted birds.

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Bird Pressure

This term is used to define and convey the level of commitment birds have to various locations where they nest, roost, eat and spend time. It is necessary to understand bird behavior and their attachment to these locations in order to determine the most effective way to get them to leave and prevent them from returning.

Heavy Bird Pressure: This level indicates a very high level of commitment. It usually refers to locations where birds find protection from the elements. It may be where they were born and have established nests; a place they consider home. Birds will not be easily deterred from heavy pressure areas.

Medium Bird Pressure: These locations do not hold the same commitment as those where birds nest or roost. But, because these areas might provide a place to rest or might be a source of food, birds are committed to spending time and returning to these locations.

Light Bird Pressure: This level of commitment is low. If the location is convenient and unobstructed birds may enjoy a time of loafing. But it will not hold the same importance as the places where they roost, nest or eat.

An innovator in integrated bird pest control since 1998.

Bird Pest ControlDealing with problem birds has become commonplace for many businesses and owners of properties. This can be particularly difficult when their properties provide open green lawns, large bodies of water, parking garages and loading docks. These areas are often gathering places for the intrusive presence of nuisance geese, seagulls and other bird species. Large populations of these species can have a detrimental impact on the environment and be a hazard to public health, as well as pose liability risk due to slips and falls or attack incidents. Wild Goose Chase has worked with canine teams at beaches in both Illinois and Wisconsin to keep seagulls from using the beaches for loafing and foraging. By using our canine teams, we have seen a drastic improvement in water quality, and our program has significantly lowered the number of swimming bans. Our Staff Biologists have been invited to present our research at international and national research conferences (IAGLR http://www.iaglr.org/conference/downloads/2012_abstracts.pdf and GLBA http://www.glin.net/glba/pdf/GLBAagenda2012.pdf). We are currently working to publish our research in a nationally recognized peer reviewed scientific journal. Learn more about our philosophy »

How we evaluate your pest bird problem and create a solution:

Not all bird management products or solutions fit every situation. Our step by step process from evaluation to solution begins with a comprehensive site survey by our Team of Biologists.

  • We conduct a site survey to identify population levels, activity patterns and take note of neighboring properties contributing to the problem. Our evaluation helps to determine the best method of control for your property.
  • Our Licensed Team Professionals examine all site survey information to determine the best and most cost effective way to eradicate the pest bird infestation. After considering all environmental and aesthetic concerns, our team develops a detailed plan that outlines the specifics of the control system to be installed or incorporated and any necessary cleanup of excess droppings.
  • Finally, a customized bird pest control system or program is installed or initiated by our licensed, experienced Technicians to permanently eliminate your bird problem.

Our Guarantee to You!

Border collies and handlers for managing nuisance birds.We are reputable, highly-trained professionals you can rely on to design a custom bird control program guaranteed to deliver positive results. And, we'll accomplish those results in a timely and professional manner with trainers and staff who are well educated and courteous. Our bird control plans implement an integrated system combining several methods and services to minimize the destructive and sometimes even dangerous pest bird problems. Wild Goose Chase, Inc. has been certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a "Women's Business Enterprise". WBENC is the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US. Learn more about our bird control services. »

Find out about our bird control methods and how we treat problem species:

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